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Glotec is an experienced partner in the development and production of shop fittings and furniture, retail displays and custom solutions. Our products are developed with ease of use, functionality and aesthetics in mind. 

Shop fittings

Glotec has been a specialist in the production of shop fittings and interiors for over 30 years. We start by assessing the technical feasibility of your request or design. Next, we explore how we can make the most of your design before starting production. Your products are at the heart of what we do, and we make every effort to show your wares in the best possible light. We have a broad range of machinery available at our production site, enabling us to finish any product in either metal or wood.

Products: Racks/ stiles/ walls/ shop fittings/ hanging systems/ shelves/ crossbars/ mid-floor units/ small tables/ changing rooms/ shop-in-shop 


When developing our displays, we consider every aspect of their life cycle — storage, transport, installation and campaign updates — while striving for maximum ease of use and optimal cost-effectiveness. Our displays are always compact, functional and aesthetically pleasing. We ensure that every display we produce is modular, and at our customer’s request, we can provide a high-end finish, integrated lighting and other customisations to help showcase your products.

Custom solutions

We are also able to create custom products. If you’ve got a specific request or problem, we’re here to help you think about potential solutions. Why not visit us to find out what we can do for you?

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