Our approach

Our customers’ requirements are at the heart of what we do, every step of the way. We’re always happy to go one step further, and we work with you to develop innovative systems and furnishings that show your wares in the best possible light.


Every one of our projects starts with a thorough analysis. In the initial phase, we think about how to approach your problem or request. We evaluate our brief from a critical point of view and provide suggestions to optimise your design. Based on this preparatory analysis, a quote is drawn up.


As soon as our quote has been accepted, we start work on the technical development of your project. We produce the basic technical designs and drawings for your project, and in most cases, an initial prototype. During this phase, we regularly invite you to discuss whether our product meets all your expectations. 


Once all adjustments have been made and you are fully satisfied with our design, we start production. We order all the necessary parts, brief our production manager on your project and provide instructions to the relevant departments. Quality is monitored at all times throughout the project.

Transport & installation

Once the production phase is complete, we’re ready to pack and deliver your product. Our loading bays enable us to ship all necessary items as efficiently as possible. Once we’ve delivered your products, we can help you install them if necessary. We also have a 7000 m2 warehouse to hold the necessary extra stock for peak times, if required.

We enter into dialogue with our customers.

- Pieter Billiet

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