High-end People Against Dirty displays

People Against Dirty (Ecover) was looking to bring the displays for its Method brand right up to date. The displays in question, which showcase the brand’s sustainable cleaning products, are mainly used in supermarkets across France and Belgium.

Focus on ease of use

Ease of use and a high-end finish were the core focus of this project. The shelves in the new displays are adjustable, their visual communication can easily be changed and lighting is integrated more neatly into the top and bottom. In addition, we developed a narrow and wide version of the displays to ensure they fitted effortlessly into all spaces and settings. 

High-end displays with curved corners
What we did
Concept, Engineering, Prototyping, Production

Unique curved corners

The curved corners are a unique feature of these displays. To produce them, we used one of our newest machines: the RAS UpDownBend. This enabled us to add a unique touch to the displays.

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