Torfs factory sales tool

Torfs was looking for a user-friendly way to simplify the organisation of factory sales. Aside from being easy to transport, the item had to be easy to store in Torfs’ warehouse racking. 

Beyond our brief

We worked with Torfs to find an efficient tool to simplify the organisation of their factory sales. The idea of pallets on wheels was brought up during our initial meeting, but eventually, we settled on multifunctional carts.

We produced two prototypes to ensure all of Torfs’ needs were met. Finally, we chose to produce units that could be dismantled for ease of transport. 

User-friendly sales tool
What we did
Concept, Engineering, Prototyping, Production, Roll-out & logistics, Service & installation

Continuous optimisation

The carts are easy to store in Torfs’ warehouse racking, meaning they can be deployed as a sales tool almost instantly. We’re continuing the work on the development of this product to gradually optimise it for our customer’s needs.  

Custom multifunctional sales tools

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