Unique Unilin Flooring sample display drawers

Glotec developed the unique sample display drawer system used worldwide by Unilin Flooring for its various brands. The entire system is produced at our site; last year alone, we manufactured over 6000 units. 

Focus on ease of use

The sample display drawers we developed for Unilin Flooring are unique and excel through their ease of use. With rails fitted internally and drawers that simply click into place, each display unit is quick to assemble. The drawers are stackable and the frame can be folded down, making the units easy to store and transport. We developed a custom spot welding machine to enable us to produce better quality and cheaper drawers.

Unique sample display drawers
What we did
Concept, Engineering, Prototyping, Production

High production capacity

With our large workshop and unique set of machinery, we’re able to handle significant spikes in production up to no less than 400 units per week. As a result, we were able to reduce our lead time — from start of production to delivery to our customer — to just 4 weeks.

Custom & easy-to-assemble sample display drawers

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