Digitised information displays for BMW showroom

In collaboration with Digitopia, Glotec developed a digital display for BMW to use in its showroom. The displays replace the paper information sheets next to the cars. Good for the environment, easy to use, and completely future-proof.

Digitised information sheets

The displays we developed are stylish posts with tablets integrated at the top for finding and viewing information about the car. The displays have a sleek look and feel matching BMW’s style. Not a single seam or bolt is visible and all cabling and computer equipment is neatly concealed. 

Digitised information displays for BMW showroom
What we did
Engineering, Prototyping, Production, Roll-out & logistics

More than a standard solution

The display we developed is not a standard solution. We continue to optimise and can always make it compatible to the needs of the users. The collaboration with BMW and Digitopia does not stop here. We have joined forces to develop even more customised products for different showrooms. 

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