New store concept roll-out for Veritas

Glotec has been working with Veritas on the roll-out of a new store concept since 2017, with a third store due to open soon.

Local point of contact

Veritas was looking for a local point of contact for all its shop fitting needs, to enable it to act quickly if necessary. We were able to fulfil that requirement and have taken on the production of all shop fittings for the new Veritas concept. 

New store concept roll-out
What we did
Concept, Engineering, Prototyping, Production, Service & installation

From development to installation

All aspects of this project are developed in-house, and we’re able to produce prototypes quickly if needed. We also helping Veritas by transporting and installing the fittings we’ve produced.

From production to in-store roll-out

Next project
Retail solutions with an outdoor look and feel

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