A self-made study project

Glotec developed its own study project to test the latest technologies on the market. This allows us to continue to innovate and deliver improved products.

An informative display

The prototype we developed is a floor-covering display with an information screen. The information displayed on the screen is connected to the floor coverings – labelled with RFID tags – that are on the drawers. If you pull out a drawer, the information about the product in that drawer is displayed.

Together with our partners, we can look at connecting specific software adapted to the customer’s needs.

A self-made study project
What we did
Concept, Engineering, Prototyping

Innovation for the future

Glotec wants to use this project to prepare for the future. We are able to deliver improved products because we keep up to date on the latest technologies. This study project is a prototype with boundless possibilities and applications. Contact us to see what we can develop for you.

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