Modular store interiors for E5 Mode

Glotec and E5 Mode have been loyal partners for 20 years: we provide all shop fittings for their 72 stores across Belgium.

Design in dialogue

Glotec produces all shop fittings for E5 Mode stores. We manufacture all metal elements as well as all wood furnishings. As part of this process, we often enter into dialogue with our customer. E5 Mode develops its concepts internally, and Glotec steps in to assess the technical feasibility and progress the development of all systems.

Modular store interiors
What we did
Concept, Engineering, Production, Service & installation

Focus on multi-functional units

The fittings we produce for E5 Mode are often modular to ensure they can be adapted to the items for which they are used. For example, we’ve created compact, flexible mid-floor displays that can be changed depending on our customer’s needs (front-hanging displays, shelves, clothes hangers, crossbars).

We assess the technical feasibility of each concept.

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